Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Change for the better--Day Three

 Ah! I skipped one! Where’s day two?

Well, don’t worry, you didn’t skip one. I just didn’t write one. J I figured you don’t need to know what I do every day. Changes should be spaced, not a new one every day. Soon I will run out of things to talk about. Then what? I will start to ramble on about nonsensical things like whether its human nature for a guy not to throw his clothes on the floor when he is feet away from the hamper or whether if I leave my hair frizzy as I go into town how many horrified looks I will get. . . yeah. You see my point?

Anyway, day three!

I have been using Element, YOGA for Beginners. I recommend this DVD for anyone that is just getting started. I looked up some of the advance poses and trust me, she's being kind and keeping it relaxing compared to some poses out there. Though I haven't experienced all of her works I do know this is easy enough for me to do.

Even though it’s an hour long it doesn’t feel like it. Time doesn’t just fly by, it’s kind of irrelevant as you are focusing on your breathing, while trying not to stare at the TV to figure out what you are doing. Yeah, anyone who has done Yoga knows exactly what I mean. She had me turn to face away and I was trying to look over my shoulder to figure out what I was doing. . . . Maybe that is why I lose my balance a bit? But that’s neither here nor there.

She helps you focus on your breathing and trying to relax. So when you do this go into a quiet room and have some you time or bring a buddy. I do this in my bedroom and lock the door so as to tell people. “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” I might actually make a sign to clue in my husband, but he is starting to understand that nine is my time and my time alone. I know, it’s only been three days. I still very happy with myself.

Continue following my posts to read up on the different poses and the language behind Yoga. Find out what are my favorite and least favorite poses.

-Brenda Franklin

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