Thursday, August 6, 2015

A change for the Better Day 8

Day 8

Oh my Gosh, I’m in shock. Kind of beaming with pride for doing Yoga longer than a week, but at the same time it is an uphill battle. Each day I have to continue to push myself to do it. To get dressed, put in the DVD and start it up. It’s hard. But once I am sitting on that mat starting my breathing I’m in the zone. Not to mention Shawn, my husband, rewards me with affection. Okay, I get affection either way, but it is nice.

So do that. Do your Yoga and then treat yourself. Give yourself a little reward every now and then. Ten extra minutes to be lazy watching TV or a scoop of ice cream. I know it’s bad for you. But I didn’t say anything about starting my diet portion yet, so eat away!! Right now I’m just trying to train myself to do Yoga once a day. So spoiling myself is nice for the time being.

Oh! Here are a couple of poses, what they are, and how they help. And you haven't noticed Yoga has a lot of weird words. Well, I will break is down a little when I talk about the poses.

Asana = Pose or posture. This word is always at the end of each kind of stretch you do so get used to it now. 

My favorite pose is the Cat Cow Pose

Cat (Marjari) Pose (Asana)
Cat pose = Marjariasana
Cow (Bitil) Pose (Asana)
Cow Pose = Bitilasana

Inhale during Cow pose and exhale during Cat pose.

What this does is it:

flexes out the spine
strengths the wrists and shoulders
improves digestion
helps with blood circulation

Great blogs to follow for more information: (But go at your own pass. this person is a Pro.)

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