Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Change for the Better Day 7

So, my sister and I have this bet going. She says, for every day I don’t do Yoga I owe her 25 Cents. That might not sound like a lot, but it adds up.

1 day missed – 25 cents
4 days missed – 1.00 dollar
10 days missed – 2.50
20 days missed! – 5.00
100 days missed is 25.00 Dollars!
By a year, 365 days, I will have lost 91.25!

Yep, gotta love Family support. Now I do get exempt days. Like if I am medically unfit, or something crazy has happened like a family emergency or holidays even, depending what I am doing. My sister isn’t that cold and heartless, she’d let me have a couple of days. . . Though I should probably double check and make sure in our verbal agreement I am correct about that.

Note to Self, find out fine print.

Again, gotta love family. Best kind of love and support you can have.

But thankfully I am kicking butt and doing great. I haven’t fallen over and I am starting to feel more flexible. Not saying I can lock my ankles behind my head but my calves and legs feel as though there isn’t as much tension as there used to be or that I am able to move my body into positions with more ease. My breathing is still pretty bad, but I must remind myself this isn’t going to happen overnight.

I have already fallen prey to laziness slept past when I was supposed to get my yoga done. So the first thing I wanted to do was promise to put it off to the next day. Go my husband for pushing me to get it done anyway. I just moved my time back for everything. Little bit of coffee and a little cereal and then Yoga. Yeah, it was close to eleven, but at least I got it done.

You can do this! I picture Chibis in the background cheering me on. It’s fun imagery.

Okay, it’s onto the next day! See you soon.

-Brenda Franklin

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