Monday, April 30, 2012

Six cats

From eldest to youngest I have:

Aki is four years old and she is such a diva. She knows just who in my family to love up to to get her way. the thing I love most about this cat, besides the fact that I got her as a kitten from my husband, is that she sleeps in the most crafty of places. She opens up the bathroom cabinet to crawl on top of all the towels for a nap in piece, and when she isn't trying to find a cabinet to open you can find her hiding in the grass looking for birds or climbing the side of the porch for a humming bird. when I catch her doing this I try and stop her, but she's good. My little Diva.

Goldee is my next oldest and he is my Fat Baby. He is the grandson son cat to Demoniac Chaos, my friends cat. She was a pure black cat with a couple of white hairs on her chest. She mated with a male, bob tail, Calico cat, which is rare.  There is a higher percentage of a female calico and thus was Goldee's mother who gave birth to this pretty orange cat with no tail. He is very sweet and he knows when I'm around he can curl up on me for a long nap. He is such a softy.

Pei is the lone wolf of the pack. He is the spitting image of his grandmother Demoniac Chaos, and his mother was a gray cat who ran away after giving birth to him. Somehow he pulled through thanks to Aki's help. He spends most his time, if not all of it, outside playing with the four strays that have made our yard their home. He can be caught around the yard rough housing with all the other cats and though he lives outside he loves people. He always wants you to stop and pay attention to him. He's a cutie and has beautiful eyes.

Ashita is a black and white cat that I rescued. Out of all my cats she would be the one to sit in a corner and watch the others play. She loves people, but is a little on edge with newcomers, which my husband loves about her. Though the huge no no with her is she climbs up on the counter to sneak a piece of food. She always knows when we cook meat and she's already scheming. She plays mother to our youngest cat Icarus and whenever he is crying she hits him. It's funny and cute and it works.

Temperance was also a rescue cat. She is finally getting more weight on her. Though she is looking better she is as light as a feature. I can easily pick her up with one hand and carry her somewhere. The only funny thing about Temperance is that she hates when I hold her. She growls at me, but when my husband touches her she is pudding in his hands. She is the mother of Icarus and had him when she was only about ten months old. she was tiny, so we took both her and her son.

Icarus is almost a year old and still full of energy. He is the son of temperance and on his back is what looks like a turtle. He got his name from acting silly. He was always jumping around and falling off things and finally Shawn, my husband, decided that the perfect name for him was Icarus. just like the story of Icarus and the wax wings. The moment he said the name I knew it was a match. He has fallen off beds, chairs, the porch swing and other items, but it always lands of his feet.

My six cats-B. Franklin
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


It's called Skyrim and it's a game for the PS3, the XBOX 360, and the PC.

Who wouldn't like a world where you can roam the lands hours on end as a hunter/gatherer, choose who to kill and what flesh to eat upon, if you are the subject of good or evil, an imperial or Stormcloack, use magic, blades or bows, and still haven’t even begun to play the main story line?

Me. That is my kind of game. I spend hours of my life mastering as many arts as the game will allow me, becoming the top of every guild I can find, and doing all the quests the game can throw at me, but the one thing I haven’t even begun to work on is the story line.

You start out, like any good Elder Scroll game, with being locked away and heading to your execution. Now it looks pretty grim as you are being pulled out of the wagon next to Ulfric Stormcloack, the man who used his voice to destroy the King. So at this point you know it’s not looking good for your future. You spend the next several minutes picking what race you are, what you look like, and your name. Next thing you know it’s your turn to get your head removed.

Oh the joy in walking up to the executioner and putting your head down waiting for the blade to come down and the game to be over, but you only started playing. After a few minutes of a Dragon with oh so perfect timing you can make a mad dash for it.

Along the way you can choose between following the imperial who was going to kill you or the a stormcloak man who had been pervious talking to. No matter who you follow you end up in the same sarting city later listening to two different stories about what is happening.

you can follow behind the stormclocks and what they are trying to represent or follow the imperials and what they are trying to do, either way have fun. I always play an imperial.

Now, when I say I play an imperial I mean each of my three characters are imperials. My leading lady is a Khajit, it’s a cat person basically. You can also be a Nord, Red cliff, high elf, Wood elf, and others. Take your pick; each race has a different ability than the others, like my girl can see in the dark. It’s a handy trick when traveling through dark mines and dungeons.

Now there are guilds you can join and get a kick out of playing their main quest lines, such as, the Thieves Guild (it’s more about stealing then killing), the Dark Brotherhood (which is all about killing), the Mages Guild, and my favorite, The Companions.

Now with each Guilds comes their secrets and as much as I would love to reveal all I won’t.
The game itself is quite beautiful and large. Some people might not like how vaste it is and that’s okay. There are always people that aren’t going to be interested to put the long hours of work into doing just one quest and I understand.

There’s not a set path you have to take and I still haven’t done the main storyline because I just want to do EVERYTHING, but if you play it and love it, good for you and even if you don’t, there are other games out there.

All I’m saying is that I love this overly addicted game more than most things. It finishes a close thrid behind my husband and writing.

-Brenda Franklin

Saturday, April 7, 2012


When I married my husband I found out that he had an Uncle that was working on Genealogy, and low and behold I too had a great uncle working on Genealogy. So needless to say I started my journey looking into the family history.

I have stumbled around with Census, dug through many resource books, talked to family members, and even received a few genealogy books. There is so much to learn.

The family has almost tracked several people on my mom’s side to England. To me, that is amazing, though on my dad’s said it is a mystery. My father’s mother’s parents are from where I’ve grown up and are easy to find, but his father isn’t from Louisiana and there was so much bad blood no one really knows anything about it.

To also make is harder, one of my great grandparents I was trying to look into was from a Indiana Cherokee reservation, or so I’m told, and I haven’t been able to find any mention of even her family name. It really makes you want to pull your hair after hours of searching and finding nothing.

Now, my mother’s side of the family is littered with oddities such as, my great, great, Grandmother, Alice Cooper married her third husband Evander Skinner shortly after he spilt from his first wife, Lulu Cooper, who was the second cousin to Alice Cooper. I wonder what happened there.

I also stumbled across that Alice Cooper gave birth to Etta Cooper in 1916, the same year she passed away due to what everyone assumes to be an infection acquired from the birth of Etta. Now Etta is my Great Grandmother who was raised by a foster family.

I can only image Etta Cooper not surviving and not having all her children. I wouldn’t be here today if that had occurred. It is amazing what happened in the past that leads to our futures.

Even though the future is in front of us, by tomorrow it is the past, and I am grateful for all that has occurs today, yesterday, ten years ago, when I was born, and so on back.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Daily Life

I live in Louisiana with my wonderful and understanding husband, Shawn, our three cats and two dogs. We live with our heads in the clouds and our noses in books. Some of our favorite authors are: J.R.R. Tolken, Madeleine L'Engle, George MacDonald, C. S. Lewis, and many more wonderful writers.

I spend a lot of my time jotting down different story ideas throughout a day. I mean really unusual things and by the end of a week I have my hands full trying to piece together my thoughts of lunacy into something tangible, and funnily enough it works. I do run across the stories that only go for a few pages before I move onto something else with more promise, but I never truly forget about something.

Sometimes writing will eat at me and I have been kept up late with an idea or even begin remembering a poem that I chant nonstop with vivid story ideas until I put pen to paper, and yes, I still use the occasional pen and paper. There are times you can’t bring your favorite laptop with you, such as, out for a picnic or a nice long walk. No matter how hard you try, or how long the electrical cord is, it just won’t work.

So I make do with what I have until I can finally turn on my laptop and begin weaving together creative ideas like all writers. There is much trial and error, some days I am truly inspired and cannot write fast enough and other I find myself hesitating to write a word worried about my own outcome and struggling with endings because it’s like I’m saying goodbye to my characters, but I guess I can always just write a second story.

My day normally ends when my eyes can no longer stay open or when my husband reminds me that normal people go to bed at a sensible time, but he knew that I wasn’t normal when he married me.

-Brenda Franklin