Saturday, April 7, 2012


When I married my husband I found out that he had an Uncle that was working on Genealogy, and low and behold I too had a great uncle working on Genealogy. So needless to say I started my journey looking into the family history.

I have stumbled around with Census, dug through many resource books, talked to family members, and even received a few genealogy books. There is so much to learn.

The family has almost tracked several people on my mom’s side to England. To me, that is amazing, though on my dad’s said it is a mystery. My father’s mother’s parents are from where I’ve grown up and are easy to find, but his father isn’t from Louisiana and there was so much bad blood no one really knows anything about it.

To also make is harder, one of my great grandparents I was trying to look into was from a Indiana Cherokee reservation, or so I’m told, and I haven’t been able to find any mention of even her family name. It really makes you want to pull your hair after hours of searching and finding nothing.

Now, my mother’s side of the family is littered with oddities such as, my great, great, Grandmother, Alice Cooper married her third husband Evander Skinner shortly after he spilt from his first wife, Lulu Cooper, who was the second cousin to Alice Cooper. I wonder what happened there.

I also stumbled across that Alice Cooper gave birth to Etta Cooper in 1916, the same year she passed away due to what everyone assumes to be an infection acquired from the birth of Etta. Now Etta is my Great Grandmother who was raised by a foster family.

I can only image Etta Cooper not surviving and not having all her children. I wouldn’t be here today if that had occurred. It is amazing what happened in the past that leads to our futures.

Even though the future is in front of us, by tomorrow it is the past, and I am grateful for all that has occurs today, yesterday, ten years ago, when I was born, and so on back.

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