Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Change For The Better Day 15

Everyone needs a Cheat Day (or days)

Okay, so i have been a very bad person. I skipped a couple of days! I know. . . I need to start my sister a little piggy bank because she has earned 75 Cents. :( I can't be perfect. Not to mention when you have people over (like my sister) you kind of use that as a great excuse not to do YOGA. And I did.

I thought it was a great excuse, but apparently it wasn't. Oh well, it happens. It's like breaking your diet once every so often. You just have to work twice as hard on the other days if you do that. Right? Anyone on my side?

Anyway, so after she left I just picked up right where I left off, with a little resistance. I mean, I hadn't done it for three days so getting up and shoving myself back into a the little routine I had been trying to establish was a pain in the butt.

Note to shelf and everyone out there: If you are going to cheat make sure you have already established a good routine so that it is just as easy to jump back in to.

And another day done! On to the Next!!

-Brenda Franklin

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