Friday, January 29, 2016

Power Yoga Rant

Power Yoga, whoever invented this monster was certifiably insane. :) And Thank You. The routine I follow are advanced moves in which have been really helping me on my lower abdomen and core muscles, a location that helps with my lower back.

When I went from Beginners (Yes, I have been doing the beginners for a while) to the Power Yoga I was like, I got this! Ha! Too funny Brenda, I think someone slipped you something. Which just for future reference I do drink occasionally but it is rare and far between and not much at all. I am not opposed to drinking I just don't do it often.

Anyway, a new pose I have learned that kicks my butt is Warrior III.

Helps balance, memory and concentration, and tones the body. :)

Getting into this pose after the stretching and the workout they put you through is hard. I mean, it's tough enough for me to maintain my balance with my leg back, staring at the floor with my fingertips barely touching, let alone dare try lifting my hands! Talk about a life threatening moment as I swayed towards my yoga buddy. Granted, it is funny as heck, but AHHHHH, that's what I want to say about that.

UPDATE: Amazingly enough, I have been doing this for longer then five days and I must say I have noticed improvements. My leg muscle are tightening up and I feel more control over my stance and more confident to raise my hands out. Keeping my leg high is hard and I still feel the want to shake and lean my body, but slowly I am getting there.

To everyone that does yoga, y'all are amazing and I give you props. Keep it up. Yoga is hard than it looks but very rewarding.

I would also like to say that doing it with a buddy can be, not only, challenging (especially if the two of you keep giggling) but so much fun. It really helps having that support when you want to drop out of pose. They are a cheering squad and a motivation that I know I need and I am grateful to have. Cross your fingers we continue to do this.


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