Tuesday, January 5, 2016

5 days in January

I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We are officially five days into 2016 and already so much fun and so busy. Between reading and writing, which I talk about on my other Blog “Into My World. . .” My life stays pretty busy. And I really don’t know how! What’s so hard and time consuming about sleeping in, hours of peace from your husband while he’s at work, lots of free time to write? You can eat and nap whenever you want. I think I am part cat.

Seriously though, life is pretty busy. I spend a few hours a day at the computer typing away for a book, even when I don’t feel like it. You always want to stay on some sort of writing schedule, it’s much like working out, and once you skip a day it’s a heck of a fight to get back in working order.
I also read at least a chapter (which leads to at least three when I’m done) a day. Working on reading the first ten Nancy Drew books this month. Yeah! I haven’t ready them in a long time, but I drift. Then 1-3 times a week I am spending time at my grandparents, where I have started to master the art of the Bobby Pin for doing my grandma’s hair.

Oh, then there is eating. Haha And I know they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I can’t help it, I tend to skip it and grab something about ten or eleven in the morning. Does that count as breakfast still? No, darn. I also have a bad habit of writing for too long and forgetting to eat. That is a no, no. Plenty times Shawn, my husband, has reminded me that there is such a thing and that I can’t survive off of air. I’d be long since dead without those sweet, annoying, little reminders.
Also the extra little things that fill up the day, like watching a show, spending time with family, remembering that working out is still required at some point. Darn you laziness you are so mean, and I love you.

Writing all this down it doesn’t seem to crazy. Now that I am really looking at it I think it’s just a matter of time management for completely all these in a timely manner. The day will still go by but perhaps I won’t feel as worn by the end of it.

Okay, add that to my New Year’s resolution: Time management, or clone yourself and have them do everything. I don't know if I could stand another me wandering around, so I might have to skip that one. Darn.

Now, speaking of busy, time for a run. :) Y'all have a wonderful day.


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