Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year's Resolution 2016

My first goal of the year is to get over my cough. Okay, that’s not really a true New Year’s goal, but I would like to put it in the category of being healthy, so I think it counts.

Speaking of being healthy, I know it is among the most promised act of people starting the New Year, as well as the most broken one, but I would like to try my hand at it. . . Again. But I’m going to be a little more reasonable. I would love to loose five pounds by May, because I am going to be a Bridesmaid. So five pounds would be great and maybe gain a little more arm muscle. Yeah. Then, by the end of October, I would love to loose five more pounds. Then, I won’t feel bad when I gain ten pounds in November and December. I think that is a very reasonable goal, don’t you?

Now, everyone knows how I love to read and this year is the same as the last. I want to read A LOT! My Goal this time is 50 books, starting with the wonderful Nancy Drew books which I haven’t read since I was a teen. I own just about 20 of them and haven’t had the time in 2015 to sit down and really enjoy them, so I am going to do that this year. I mean, who doesn’t like a little mystery from time to time?

Staying with the bookish theme I hope to publish two more books this year and have them available as paperback before Christmas.

Now, a New Year resolution is not just about setting up goals for the New Year it’s about challenging yourself, trying something new, and being a better person. Just because you break the healthy streak you are going for, only read 49 out of 50 books, lose 4 pounds instead of 5, doesn’t mean you failed. Yeah, you didn’t reach your goal, but heck! You tried! That is the point of the New Year resolution to me. It is that you tried, experienced, and had fun. If it wasn’t for little or big goals sought after then we wouldn’t accomplish or appreciate things as much as we do already. You wouldn’t have gone to that gym where you found a best friend, read the book that changed your views, ate the food that was horrible but gave you great laughs, or failed at yoga only to discover you prefer jogging since you have the cute outfit. I think you get my point.

Failure or not, I hope that your 2016 is filled with lots of resolutions, friends, good times, laughs, adventures, failures, and triumph!

--Brenda Franklin

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