Sunday, February 7, 2016

Taxes :(

Taxes, not my favorite thing to do I will say that, but something you can't avoid. This year my husband and I decided to try our hand at using TurboTax. After two days of starring at a screen and asking a hundred questions I have finally finished!! I am so happy about it.

I have to be honest I thought I was going to disappear in a hole, throw the screen, or even bow down and call our Tax guy to schedule an appointment, but no! We prevailed!!!

To be fair, the site was very helpful and explained so much. But like all loads of paperwork it is a scary creature that takes time and a lot of reading. that's where I was growing weak. For the most part Turobox tax took me through a step by step, easy to follow, process with explanations around every corner. A few things I didn't know and turned to the forums, but I still found the answers easily enough. Those were only made hard because I was filing all of my online royalties and such. I made it more complicated, but I will know for next time.

And if any of you were wondering, yes, there will be a next time. Granted I will probably have forgotten half of what I know now, but that's okay, because I know the answers are there and I can do it.

Okay, I just wanted to rant about Taxes and pat my back a little. :)

Have a great Tax season!


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