Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Thinking about Gardening

I want to start gardening! But I'm a little lost where to start. I have these seeds packets for flowers that were given to me and the weather is finally starting to get lovely outside.

Burst into song “Spring is in the air. Everywhere I look around.”

So I am thinking about pulling out my little planner and taking lots of notes. The kind that say What was planted and when and don't forget to water them or else. Yeah. That sounds like a descent plan to me. Something to keep one on track. Not that I plan on planting 100 things, this isn't Story of Seasons or anything, but I still need a little reminder on what the heck I planted.

Monday: planted little flowers.
Tuesday: Watered non existent flowers
Thursday: Violently waters plants again because I was worried I forgot.
Friday: It pours (I never check the weather)
Saturday: Why water when it rained?
Monday again:....
Tuesday: Oh crap! Waters the A LOT

3 weeks later....There's still nothing.

“Why!” Begins having a mental break down and points the blame to hubby. Gives up on life. Refuses to plant again. Curses all of hubby's attempts. Gets angry and starts talking to flowers that hubby brings home. Everything beautiful suddenly brings about bad memories. The I decide that if I kill hubby I won't get any more flowers; no more flowers mean no more bad memories......

Yeah. I mean, I really love my husband so for his safety I need a planner for planting. His very life depends upon it!! :)

With all that being said wish me luck. :) I am going to plant sunflowers. I'll let you know if my husband survives—if I am successful I mean.


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