Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Rebirth of an old Blog

I have not used this blog in a long time. And when I mean long time I mean the last post I did was back in October 2012! WOW!

But it’s time for a rebirth. Yes, you heard me. IT’S ALIVE!

I am going to take my old blog and start it back up. This time with much more gusto. I like that word, gusto. Makes me wanna smile with sass. Am I the only one? Well, regardless, I am back with a new found passion that will knock your socks off! Unless you aren’t wearing socks then I advise you to get socks so they can be knocked off. Everyone needs the experience once in their life. I will wait.

Do you have socks?

BAM! Socks are knocked off! Heck yeah!!

:) As I was saying, My Rambles Blog is back up and running with new content posted daily and much to come. There has been a lot of changes in my life and plenty of things that I have seen I can’t wait to share. Some of which might be censored. I didn’t say this would be a kid friendly Blog, did I? Well, for the most part it will be safe, if at any point I think something is said within my Blog that isn’t appropriate I will have a warning at the very top. No worries.

But for the most part this will be family friendly. Mostly.

See you on the next post.

-Brenda Franklin

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