Monday, November 14, 2016


November. . . 

NaNoWriMo Month Goal


It's Day 14. I am a little behind but there is still so much time left to catch up. Are you writing a novel? If so, what kind of story is it?


So far I have barely found time to read. I am overly stressed abut events filling up this month and a very busy schedule to find time to read. I have a large bookshelf full of books and I just can't seem to settle down long enough to read them. I started Rush, by Maya Banks and a Nancy Drew Book. Hopefully, I will have them finished by the Month's end. We shall see.

Personal Goals:


Every other day I want to walk at least a mile or run half that. So far I haven't been doing a great job at that. Or at least not how I planned. Walking around the yard (Which is 10 archers mind you) I find doesn't count too much. I need to get out and walk the road. I managed the first few days and then I stopped. Ah!!! Why?!! Why can't I stay focused!


We have four Thanksgivings this year. That's a bit much. This time of the year is supposed to be not as stressful right? I mean, time with your family and friends. A time for being thankful for having each other and right now I'm just glad we survived the first Dinner. haha Thanksgiving 1 was with my family and my sister who can't come down for Thanksgiving day so we always have one before with her and her wife. Then we have another on the day of Thanksgiving with my grandparents and most of my side of the family. Thanks giving number 3 is with my husband's side of the family on a different day and then the last one is when my great Aunt comes down this year the family was going to get together and celebrate with another dinner.

Four. Wow! That's a lot of cooking! I feel like I am going to have to just starve myself (Don't do that) to loose all the weight I know it coming. But man, turkey and rolls all month long isn't too bad. :D

What do you love about this time of the year? Any favorite foods?


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