Sunday, October 30, 2016

Running thoughts and November plans

I went for a run by myself today, well, kind of. I had my faithful dog, Cassandra, with me. She's a black Lab with a happy spirit. She's always happy. Unless she's in trouble, then she's guilty, but she takes the punishment like a trooper and after a few minutes and plenty of apology kisses she is back to being happy.

I don't like to go walking or running without someone. Being alone makes me anxious, but I survived today. Cassandra made sure the squirrels didn't attack me and she ran alongside me and past me plenty of times.

I have two reasons for the sudden run:
1.) I wanted to get candies on my Pokemon Go App on my phone which you can only do by traveling certain distances.
2.) I gained a couple of pounds!!

A couple of pounds is fine but I was already on the border of being proper weight for my height and I just went over a little bit. What's bad is I have watched this slowly increase over the past two months. This isn't something that hit over night, it tells me my life style isn't working out. Physically I want to be as good as I can be so that I can keep relying on a small anti-inflammatory pill everyday to keep my back pain down, but with added weight it will become more of a problem on my lower lumbar support and we can't have that.

So What am I going to do? 
---Drop my weight back to 140 first and foremost!

How am I going to do that?

1.) No more sodas
2.) walking a mile at least three times a week
3.) Opposite of my walking I am going to do at least a 30 minute workout regimen of some kind.

Pray for me. ;)

If I'm being honest I am a little hesitant. I, like many others, wants to put it off. I want to keep telling myself I'll start next week, but every time I think about that I think of something my annoyingly great sister said, “Just Do It!” Such wise words. If you are stuck thinking about doing something you are wasting minutes and making false promises you hope you forget about more than anything else.

So here I go, My November goal has started! Thank you for the support and I hope you accomplish your goals for this wonderful month of November that has come very fast! :)


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