Sunday, September 11, 2016

Going for a morning run inner thoughts to myself

Have you ever run for what felt like a very long time? You tell yourself:

"You can do this!"
"Just one more step."
"The end is near."

Then, you finish feeling exhausted and satisfied that you have done one heck of a run. You have earned that large cup of coffee waiting for you, a hot shower, a long nap, or maybe a full body massage. Heck, you should be barking orders to all those that have failed and said they were going to run with you! Where were they for this well worth it hellish run?

Then you step inside and finally get a hold of something to tell you the time.
20 minutes? No that couldn't be right. You just shed blood, sweat, and tears! There was no way that was right. Surely the clock is broke. Yes, that's it. nothing a thing of batteries can't fix.
Then you check your phone.

19 minutes?!

Denial sets in. Nope. No way. But after thinking about it you realize that 20 minutes, of course rounding up, isn't so bad. I mean. People nowadays can't even find ten minutes of free time let alone 20 minutes to work out. You start feeling proud again.

. . . That is until you realized you walked there and back to your running destination. What was that, like a minute in a half or two? You did bend down to pet the cat. And don't forget that the dogs came up and smelled like they rolled in something. So  subtract 4 minutes. Oh wait, you saw your husband and told him proudly you were going for a run while you secretly prayed he would steal you away to do something else, but you again returned to the straight and narrow and headed back to do your run. So don't forget to subtract the two minutes that took.

So now you are down from 20 minutes to 14, maybe. . .

But at least you made it there! At least you ran! well, you ran most of the way. Okay, you more so ran two-thirds of the track while having power walking moments, but at least you were moving. That is not counting the few seconds to stretch and when you re-tied your shoes. But tying shoes don't count because you've been practicing that for years. You can tie in your sleep your so good, so we won't count that against you.

But forget all that, you F-ing RAN! That's the important part. Now, sit back and drink your much deserved coffee!

--Brenda. I freaking ran! :D What have you done to feel accomplished this morning?

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