Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My favorites of August


Greatest Love Ever

Starring: Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won


Ae Jung was once the most popular member of girl band The National Treasure Girls. However 10 years ago the band broke up and she received most of the blame. Despite her warm personality her career has suffered ever since and she now spends her time fighting for air time on variety shows. Dokko Jin is a top movie star at the height of his career. The two meet and become involved in each other's careers. Yoon Pil Joo is a doctor of oriental medicine who has no interest in the entertainment industry but agrees to make a dating show. Dokko Jin helps get Ae Jung a role on a new reality show called Couple Making. Pil Joo is the bachelor being set up on Couple Making. Both men fall for Ae Jung both off and on the screen.

This drama was a blast! The comedy was so natural and these stars just play so well off of each other. I didn't find a single duel moment and am I sad to say I finished this series in two days. But it was two intense days on binge watching that I will cherish. This is one of those go back and watch the whole series because it leaves you feeling fullfilled and happy in the end even after everything these two go through and what Dokko Jin goes through. I think everyone needs a Dokko Jin. haha maybe a little less conceded version, but we all need one none the less.


Star Trek


A surprise attack in outer space forces the Enterprise to crash-land on a mysterious world. The assault came from Krall, a lizard-like dictator who derives his energy by sucking the life out of his victims. Krall needs an ancient and valuable artifact that's aboard the badly damaged starship. Left stranded in a rugged wilderness, Kirk, Spock and the rest of the crew must now battle a deadly alien race while trying to find a way off their hostile planet.

I loved this movie! What more is there to say about it? Well, it's not all about the action. it is also about finding a place where you belong. Fighting doubts about yourself and when in times of total despair never giving up. There is so much to the Star Trek movies that I can see why there is such a heavy following. I hope they leave the trilogy at this movie because it was wonderful. I would hate for them to do one more movie and it suck. But that is just me. I thin that is the fear of doing any movie in a series, is 'will the next one be as great at the last'. But We shall see. Until then, this was marvelous and is my favorite movie of the year so far.


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

It was always difficult being Harry Potter and it isn't much easier now that he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband, and father of three school-age children.
While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places.

What can I say about this book. . . It was amazing. The return of beloved characters in a new setting with twists that had me holding my breath. But let's not forget that there's a new generation in the Wizarding World and Harry and Malfroy's sons are in the mix of a very dangerous situation that involves going back in time. It is a play so it is written a little differently, but it doesn't take away from the story. I don't want to give much more away about this beloved read, you are just going to have to grab your copy and see for yourself why this has already become my favorite 2016 book and top ten list of reads.


No Man's Sky

Stole from Wikipedia:

No Man's Sky is a first-personopen world survival game that allows player to engage in four principle activities: exploration, survival, combat, and trading.[2] Players take the role of a planetary explorer, called in game as the Traveler, in an uncharted universe. They start on a random planet near a crashed spacecraft at the edge of the galaxy, and are equipped with a survival exosuit with a jet pack, and a "multitool" that can be used to scan, mine and collect resources as well as to attack or defend oneself from creatures and hostile forces. The player can collect, repair, and refuel the craft, allowing them to travel about the planet, between other planets and space stations in the local solar system, engage in space combat with alien factions, or make hyperspace jumps to other star systems.[3] While the game is open-ended, the player is guided by an entity known as the Atlas to ultimately reach the center of the galaxy.

This really is a game where you do whatever you want. You want to dig a hole into the planet, be my guest. You don't like the way those animals are looking at you, shoot them. Then you can run for your life from the robots that protect the life and resources on the planet to your ship that you found crash on a different planet into space where a fire fight breaks out because you stole a high price resource from the planet under you and pirates want it. You can then kick their butts or run for it. I run, my husband kills them gathering supplies. You might want to head towards the center of the universe or, like me, go the opposite way. I mean, anything is possible. This game is just so big with so many planets and things to see that the only thing I can guarantee is that you want be able to see them all. Heck, I have yet to meet another player. It is just that huge. So if you are a gamer of any kind I suggest you take a little peak. It's not for everyone, but if it is up your alley it's so worth it. Just be prepared to not get any sleep and keep food close by so you don't starve.

What were your favorites of August? Games, books, movies, music, dramas, anime, mangas, ect... I'd love to hear. Please leave a comment.

-Brenda Franklin, goofball for life.

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