Sunday, August 7, 2016

Cats taking over!

We had 3 cats.

I mean we have had others through the years, but our house was sitting at the wonderful number three. That's a good amount, right? My mum's house had two and I had one at my house not to far away. Same bit of land where the animals can run around, but between us there were three cats and two dogs.

Cats: Temperance (my grey lady), Aki (my dad's old lady age 8), and Goldee (Age 7, who was mine but loves my mum more)
Dog: Cassandra (black lab) and Virgil (hound mut)

My baby: Goldee
Now I've always loved pets and I believe once they are with someone you shouldn't get rid of them. Maybe it's more of the fact that I don't have the heart to look the animal in the eyes and tell them I am throwing them away, but I can't! Thank God for husbands. lol They can be the bad guys. (But I still won't let it happen.)

Anyway, several months ago my uncle came over (neighbor) with this cute orange and white kitten. Apparently a cat had had a litter somewhere and this little guy was running around demanding to come into his house. Well, my Uncle said no and brought him right over where I got my hands on the little guy and wouldn't let go. And I mean I was that kid on Christmas clutching their toy for dear life begging mum not to let it go when they were in trouble. And I say in trouble because my husband was already saying, "We shouldn't keep it" and I was giving him those eyes that men struggle to say no to. And they worked!

Cat number 4! Tails became his name thanks to my brother's love for Sonic games.

And so the family grew a little. It was more than a month later my dad had come to the conclusion that Tails was lonely. The other cats, being old and crazy, seemed to not really like him. Heck, they were more interested in hissing at him then letting him get anywhere near them and that saddened my dad though we told him it would take time. Next thing we knew he was cat shopping for a playmate for Tails. No animal should be alone! 

Somehow my mum agreed and I was happy, I mean who wouldn't be when told you're going to get another kitty?

Cat number 5!! Hunter.

When we got Hunter he was shy and just wanted to hide under the couch. Dad had got him from a shelter, but after a couple of days he and the other kitten, Tails, actually started to play. The older cats were in a state of panic as the little ones kept multiplying, but the managed to avoid the chaos that was the two little munchkins. And in time the two kitten/teens started to grow on Aki and Goldee. Temperance was happy minding her own business at my house where she is queen and no one bothers her.

And if you are wondering about his name he was named Hunter after having him for a while when we noticed the increase of dead things in the house. He has since killed lizards, moles, a mouse, and at least one bird that we know of, but there are probably so many more kills under his belt. So Hunter it is!

left: Stray. Right: Tails
No, if you were keep track, our family was sitting at 5 until the day my mother went out to feed the dogs and noticed a white and orange cat outside. It looked just like Tails, but the thing was, this one was bigger and he was outside where Tails wasn't. So we aren't sure if he (yep, he's a boy) is from a littler before Tails in the wild or if he is Tail's dad, but he comes around everyday since hanging out with the young teen cats sometimes, but mostly he is on my porch where every morning, just about, he greets me meowing alongside our cat Temperance. It's a wonder she has kicked him off HER porch, but they get along, so far. So you can kind of say he is adopted, but not. we just feed him.

So 5 cats owned, 1 stray

We didn't think our little cat family could get much bigger until about a month back when I was relaxing watching my husband play a game and suddenly my mom ears tuned into a sound I knew all too well, the sound of a kitten crying. And I mean the crying as it's looking for mum and having a hard time kind of cry. I bolted to the front door where the teen cats Hunter and Tails were being chased my this little black fluff ball and they were acting like their life was in grave danger.

Left: Hunter. Right: Coffee.
So I cried back, because I talk to cats, of course, and kitten calmed down still wanting to be near Hunter who was getting closer to it but not close enough to touch. After several minutes I was within reach and scooped the kitten up. We walked down the road, through the yard, looked all over for anymore kitten sounds or any sign of another cat and when we turned up empty we were left with this little black crying fur ball who was now inside the house looking for a cat to call mum and he was locked onto any cat he could find.

So we adopted another cat. I mean, who can say no to a kitten?!

Cat number 6 and still 1 stray.

After a week the teens, Hunter and Tails, actually took kitten in and became parents. It was and is still so very cute. Kitten, who is name named Coffee, will be playing with any of the cats (Except Aki-She is cranky) and randomly Hunter will pin him down and start grooming him. Hunter and Tails play and let him wrestle against them as well as they watch out for him and if he wanders off one or both of the boys is usually there (and me). :)

I love it!

Temperance. (The Stray looks like her only bigger)
...Then, a bout two weeks half ago, while I was having ice cream with a friend at McDonalds my ears perked up to the families sound of yet another cat crying, though this one was a full grown adult grey cat, but he was skinny. The kind of skinny where in a few more days something will be needing to dig a grave. it was sad and I couldn't just NOT do something. . . So, because my husband wasn't there, :) I kind of put him in my car, (which is dangerous, don't do this!) and drove him home. We have 10 acres. I figured if he didn't get along with any of our animals or ran away at least he would be free and there are houses further down the road where people could take care of him. We also put plenty of food out so he is welcomed any time. and low and behold, though he ran the first day, he comes around and hangs out with all of my cats and eats to his heart content. He is looking so much better, no more ribs showing! Even the dogs are starting to not mind him. But again, he is a stray and not really our pet, but now he has a better chance of a better life. Or at least that's how I like to look at it.
So at the moment we Own 6 cat, 2 dogs, and there are 2 strays. I think I might just qualify under the crazy cat lady category. What do you think?

And with our kitty Cat Army we will be taking over the World, very soon!

-Bee (Crazy Cat Lady)

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