Sunday, May 8, 2016

Gardening Week 5

Week 3 end

The Morning Glories in a matter of ten days have sky rocketed! We had been gone for a wedding and when we come back these little guys weren't so little anymore! The leaves are larger, the vines are climbing to the top of the small wire I did place up for them to grab onto.

These plants don't require too much care to grow, just keep the soil well hydrated and a little miracle grow once a month seems to do the trick. And sun. Lots of sun. We have two different sections of Morning Glories one patch in direct sunlight and the other in partial sunlight and the direct sunlight one is growing faster. So they love sun. :)

Did you know that Morning Glories could grow an average of fifteen feet in one season? I'm gong to have to build something higher for them to climb up that rests against the porch. We are trying to control the direction the Morning Glories go and right now they are so tall they want to reach across the screen and block our vision of the lovely pond. Time to get crafty.

Week 5 beginning
Look at those things go! the second flower plant you see there with the more pointed leaves are my Zinnias. They too seem to be doing well and growing several more inches up. I was glad to see them still alive after the cat decided to dig a few up. It's amazing that the cat is evil and my dog hasn't destroyed anything, So odd. I guess you never know until it happens what the out come is going to be. And now that I have said all of that watch the dog decide to play in my Garden....

These tall little creatures are my sunflowers! They are well over a foot tall and are getting taller. They love the sunlight so plant them were they can get direct light for most of the day. Beside them is a slightly plant and those are my two little pepper plants. I didn't grow them from seeds but my dad gave them to me already pretty big. My only concern was how they would transplant but they seem to be doing very well. Beside them are my radishes! The leaves are big and the radishes are growing. My husband has been keeping a close eye on them and can't wait to pull them.


For all of those that didn't know Radishes are good for Spring, Summer, and Fall. So if you love radishes then they are pretty easy to continuously get. My husband loves them so I might be growing more when these are all done, but we shall see.

Another plant that is doing amazingly well are these. They are known as Brugmansia, or Angle's Trumpet. This flower loves moist soil and half sunlight. I have to be honest I was trying to kill the thing. This is a very scary plant for me because it is so toxic but it is thriving. I plan on placing them in larger containers within the next month that way they have more room to grow. Thankfully my animals have no interest in these plants, yet. So I am feeling much better about growing them. I am actually getting a little excited to see how long I can grow them for and what they will look like in my yard.

These are some of my plants which are doing very well, I did have a few cuttings of roses I tossed and I go into the planter and pull all weeds every morning. I water during the day as the soil dries depending upon the plant. As I continue to garden and learn new things I will share my experiences with you. Me failures and accomplishments both, because we can not learn without a few mess ups.

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