Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A pause from writing is to DRAW

When I find that my mind can no longer get things in working order and a bath just wont do I put pencil to paper. I have to keep my hands moving. I need to keep everything in good shape and i find that the best way to do this is through drawing. It causes you to focus the mind. when i can't just draw from scratch I grab a manga and draw what i call is a copyart. You have to focus and be perscious. get the lines right and do the best you can to match it to the small picture before you only drawing it on an 8X10 sketch book paper. For me It turns out a little like this.

The picture to the left is from an anime series called Ah! My Goddess. It was just one of many of my sketches and i picked this as a demonstration because it was the clearest to see, but by having to draw these pictures I have to focus my mind so much that I have pulled away from what I was working on long enough to relax. It really helps to clear the head.

As my art improved, as did my writing I went from sketching to creating line arts of my works with copic makers and the wonderful paint program on the computer as you can tell by the drawing to the right. This is of two ladies that I have drawn several months ago and finally got around to inking them. They came out better then I expected.
As of recently I have pulled out all my old works and started to ink them for my final goal of adding layers and getting an end result of what you see on the left. This is a picture I had stored away of a little manga girl for some time and here she is finally completed. it came out better then i thought.

My goal is to continue to improve in drawing and maybe be able to draw the cast of characters that fill my head on a day to day bases, to not only write and bring people to life, but to draw and give you what they look like. How wonderful that would be for me and I am working hard and making that dream a reality.

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